Zyla Accountants started in 2017 in London, fast-forwarding to 2020 we found ourselves in Dubai and Chennai due to Covid working on our UK practice remotely. We decided to open one of our offices in Dubai to continue our UK operations remotely and in 2021 Suzy opened Zyla Accountants FZCO in Dubai partnering with MMC Books to offer complete accounting solutions to our UAE clients who are searching for UK experienced accountants to deal with their accounting and bookkeeping tasks. Both Zyla Accountants UK and MMC Books are Gold and Platinum Xero partners respectively hence we are bringing a wealth of cloud accounting knowledge to the UAE. 

The accounting tasks in the UK are no different than the ones in Dubai. The same level of complexity and frustration arises when handling the processes. For this reason, our CFOs come up with the solution to open an office in Business Bay to help the struggling businesses of Dubai. 

Cloud-based Accounting Practices for Firms in Dubai 

Saving money and improving business performance has always been a number priority of business owners. What’s better than adopting a technology that can help you get access to the data from anywhere and anytime. Cloud-based accounting is quite common in the UK. 

According to Cloudfare (a cloud service provider) – “The servers that can be accessed over the internet, and the databases and software that run on those servers. These servers are situated in data centres across the globe. The companies using cloud computing no longer need to manage servers on their premises or run software applications on their machines.”

Our experts have vast experience in managing cloud accounting software to scale the business of clients. From payroll processing, budget planning, VAT filing, recording transactions to Yearly financial reporting, Zyla accountants are trained in everything. 

Keeping information secure is another major concern for businesses but with cloud accounting, the doubt of data theft can be completely eliminated as the information is saved on different servers on the cloud. 

Using our collaborative accounting tools, like – Slack, Xero, and Asana to hand over accounting services with the help of our MMC Books teams is the way of working. Our Dubai based Chartered Accountants offers a free session for consultations to all our clients through phone call or video call (whatever the client may prefer). 

Personalised Service Approach 

Firms have different requirements when it comes to accounting services. Some want to outsource their payroll and some want only their data entry work to be handled by a professional. They don’t want to pay for the services they don’t even need. 

Every business out there is looking for someone who can give customised accounting and bookkeeping services. That is why we will address your special demands and present a customized accounting plan for your company. 

Time Saving Factor 

In the UK, businesses don’t have much time to handle all their business functions. Most of their non-core business functions, they consider outsourcing. Moreover, accounting experts have their eagle eye on your accounts consistently, which can bring impressive and accurate results as well as the certainty expected to settle on insightful monetary choices.

Zyla Accountants believe in delivering accurate results on time and with them as your partner you won’t have to worry about the filing of VAT returns, payroll processing, effective cash flow and other things. They are available 24*7 to consult and guide you through your books. 

Meet our dedicated team

Suzy Kerton: Founder of Zyla Accountants in Dubai, Suzy is a well-known accountant and financial analyst. She was recognised as Top 50 Women in Accounting globally by Practice Ignition in 2019. She is also on the Council for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland and the Chair of their Members in Practice Advisory Board. She cofounded Zyla Accountants UK that encourages businesses to leave tedious accounting work on their shoulders and focus only on core activities. She has completed her MBA from Imperial College, London and it is her hard work and determination that led to the inauguration of Zyla Accountants in Dubai also with partnering MMC Books. 

Abhijeet Tuteja: After completing MBA in International Business, Abhijeet became an excellent accounting expert with the desire of handling complex situations with his problem-solving skills. 

He leads by example, he is Xero Certified and QBO Pro Advisor himself and handles a team of 60 Certified Accountants. He nurtures the relationship with clients with his personal touch.

Shanu Mehta: A computer engineer by profession with a love of developing accounting automation software to offer finance-related services. She was recognised as Top 50 Women in Accounting globally by Practice Ignition in 2020. She has Co-founded 3 award-winning companies – MMC Books, MMC Convert, and MMC Receipt, all are leading solutions in the cloud accounting space, with an Exclusive partnership with Xero, QBO, FreshBooks and FreeAgent Cloud Accounting software. Shanu is a faculty at a leading business school in India – IIM, Renaissance University and Mesoyios College, Cyprus.

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