Certain kinds of negligence and overlooking of rules land us up into avoidable mistakes. We have created a list of possibly preventable errors that you or any SME might commit while filing VAT as per the governing laws. We will be sharing possible solutions for the discussed errors as you should not continue committing them in the future.

 Let’s have a look at the four most common mistakes to look out for SMEs while filing VAT: 

  • Overlooking of Rules: Rules are the essential tools to calculate and apply the applicable tax rate to the person expected to pay the VAT. If you are not timely updated about the amendments and changes regulated by the regulatory, you might apply old rates and charge the wrong taxation. It creates a series of mistakes and attracts many issues such as invalid VAT Invoices. Inevitable mistakes even attract penalties. With the help of Zyla accountants, you can easily skip such errors and stay updated with the latest applicable VAT rates.  
  • Negligent attitude towards planning: Planning to summarise records, apply the rates, and calculate VAT is a job to be done in advance. You cannot wait for the last dates and end up filing late returns. The best way is to create a proper plan in advance to manage each step that is to be taken to file a valid VAT return and make a valid invoice. It needs experts to help you complete such tasks error-free. We are one among them. 
  • Avoidance of timely recording of data: This is not a thing to be avoided. One has to maintain records as per the chronological order. A proper mentioning of date, parties involved, details of the product, and proper pricing with VAT deduction is necessary. If you feel it is complex, then get connected with Zyla accountants, we can help you maintain proper records that are timely updated and help calculate an appropriate VAT. 
  • Calculation mistakes: It may seem an elementary mistake but can end you in a very odd situation. People often commit errors that are easily avoided with the help of an expert, and calculation has to be correct to create a valid VAT invoice. Hire an expert and skip such a situation at once. 

Reflecting a protective pathway for you to reach your desired goals

All the mistakes mentioned above are easily avoidable; Zyla Accountants can help you create a valid VAT invoice with proper VAT rates that are applicable. You will be filling timely returns with accuracy and correct formatting of invoices. The best way to make the most out of the available opportunity is to outsource such a task more straightforward to an expert. It will help you to follow the applicable rules and complete all the formalities within time. 

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