Zyla Accountants partnered with Fluidly 

We’re excited to be partnering with Fluidly to help you obtain the business funding you need. Zyla Accountants and Fluidly will work together and help organisations of all shapes and sizes with one objective: to help entrepreneurs take responsibility for their financial future to stress less and work better. 

We will help make cash flow forecasting less complex and work with organizations to get the cash they need. We will pair you with the UK’s top lenders to get you pre-qualified funding grants in merely 30 seconds.

What is Fluidly and how cash flow forecasting helps businesses?

Fluidly is a multi-award-winning firm established in 2017 by businessman Caroline Plumb OBE, who wanted to give a solution for an issue all entrepreneurs know well: cash flow management. From being named Xero’s application of the year to various listings in the FinTech 50. Fluidly has been granted a £5m BCR award for their innovation, and have raised over £12m investment. 

Fluidly has partnered with 500+ accounting firms (including top 100 practices) and over 30,000 companies to help make cash flow forecasting more manageable. 

They help you manage the money in business with comfort, so you can easily understand your cash position and get access to the finance you require instantly.

Why is cash flow forecasting important?

Cashflow management is an integral function for sustaining a business. However, in the middle of the daily work of maintaining a smooth business workflow, your cash circumstance can go ignored, particularly when you’re feeling an overload of work. In tough times, key regions which can cause cash to plunge include: 

  • Late payments
  • less demand of your product or services 
  • The fluctuating expense of materials 
  • Bad tax planning 
  • An excess of stock 

You can utilise a cash flow forecast to anticipate when your business could run out of cash; so you can decide in advance, such as reducing expenses or applying for a loan. A forecast permits you to make the right decisions at the right time and ensure the cash you are supposed to get and payout within the specific time period. 

How this partnership benefits the end client?

Zyla Accountants put stock in delivering reliable and personalised accounting & bookkeeping services that positively affect your business. They’re not only here to ensure you’re fulfilling your accounting deadlines – they likewise assist you with working your funds in a more proficient manner, so you can develop your business certainly and sustainably. The flexible and modern accounting approach makes Zyla Accountants a dream to work with. They approach each accounting task in detail and expect to answer all queries within 24 hours, so your work never stops. 

Whether you’re searching for invoice finance or a government-backed Recovery Loan, Fluidly and Zyla’s specialists will work alongside you to ensure you receive the finance you lack at the right time for your business.

Fluidly has a goal to help companies work better by eliminating their cash flow stresses, and this partnership will give thousands of organisations access to the right funding to help them thrive.

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